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Former NFL wife Cyndy Feasel tells the tragic story of her family’s journey into chaos and darkness resulting from the damage her husband suffered due to football-related concussions and head trauma—and the faith that saved her.

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“Grant Feasel was my friend and my center when I was a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, but I had no idea about the hidden and tragic story that unfolded after he retired. I read After the Cheering Stops in one night. It’s eye-opening, painful, and redemptive. I pray Cyndy’s book opens people’s eyes and helps us all live in transparency by asking for help no matter the pain and problems we face.”

- Jeff Kemp, former NFL quarterback and author of Facing the Blitz

“Football, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey parents need to read After the Cheering Stops. Cyndy’s story is one any parent should take close to heart. Brain trauma in our children is not only preventable, but it’s a parent’s job to give our children all of the information they need before they make their sport decisions. This great read will help.”

- Becky Johnson, coauthor of This Is Your Brain on Joy and Nourished

About the Book

Grant Feasel spent ten years in the NFL, playing 117 games as a center and a long snapper mostly for the Seattle Seahawks. The skull-battering, jaw-shaking collisions he absorbed during those years ultimately destroyed his marriage and fractured his family. Grant died on July 15, 2012, at the age of 52, the victim of alcohol abuse and a degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

Cyndy Feasel watched their life together become a living hell as alcohol became Grant’s medication for a disease rooted in the scores of concussions he suffered on the football field. Helmet-to-helmet collisions opened the door to CTE and transformed him from a sunny, strong, and loving man into a dark shadow of his former self. In this raw and emotional memoir that takes a closer look at the destruction wrought by a game millions love, Cyndy describes in painful and excruciating detail what can happen to an NFL player and his family when the stadium empties and the lights go down. A powerful tale of warning for football moms and NFL wives everywhere, After the Cheering Stops is also a story of the hard-won hope found in God’s presence when everything else falls apart.

Meet the Authors

Cyndy Feasel was married for twenty-nine years to NFL lineman Grant Feasel, who was discovered after his death to have developed CTE—a progressive degenerative brain disease—from the concussions he received playing football. An art teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, Cyndy is committed to raising awareness of CTE and the dangers of repetitive head injury.

Mike Yorkey is the author, co-author, editor, or collaborator of one hundred books. He has written for The Los Angeles Times travel section, Skiing, Tennis Week, World Tennis, City Sports, and Racquet. He lives in Encinitas, California.

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More Praise for After The Cheering Stops

“After the Cheering Stops is a heart-wrenching and transparent story about CTE and concussions. Cyndy Feasel is destined to become the Erin Brockovich of CTE for sounding the alarm of what concussions can do to a family.”

- Julie Carobini, novelist and author of Walking on Sea Glass

“When Grant Feasel was my center while I was a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, we were close as can be. ‘The Fighting Feasel’ was the consummate pro—diligent, accountable, responsible, and selfless. His hands were often bloodied, so much so that there would be blood on the ball he hiked to me, prompting us to joke that we could be blood brothers. But, all those collisions took their toll. I’m proud of Cyndy for standing up and talking about the intimate details of her life after Grant’s playing days were done.”

- Dave Krieg, former Seattle Seahawks quarterback

“Cyndy Feasel has written a real account of the difficulties encountered by players and their families when it’s over. The transition out of professional sports is difficult for any normal person, but all too often NFL players deal with issues out of their control, putting their families in complete chaos. Cyndy’s brave portrayal of how years of head and body trauma turned the greatest of people—a ‘gentle giant’ named Grant Feasel—into a broken, empty shell, needs to be part of the discussion. I’m a supporter of youth football, but there is a real monster out there.”

- Vann McElroy, former All-Pro NFL safety

“Every parent with a child playing in youth sports like football, soccer, and lacrosse should take the time to read After the Cheering Stops. Cyndy’s story is a cautionary tale of how concussions can destroy a marriage and devastate the family.”

- Joe Sweeney, author of Networking Is a Contact Sport and Moving the Needle

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